August Blessings


“Bless the Lord, O my soul: and all that is within me, bless his holy name.” Psalm 103:1

August came and went. It was a great month filled with many blessings. I decided to do something a little different this month and list my top 10 blessings. Enjoy!

#10 – Joshua turned 10 months old! He is crawling and climbing and exploring non-stop. He sure keeps us on our toes. I’m blessed by his energy and by his helpful brothers. They rarely complain about being on “Joshua duty.”

Not sure who was on Joshua Duty...That puzzle of Africa is NOT for babies!

Not sure who was on Joshua Duty…That puzzle of Africa is NOT for babies!

#9 – We found Amazement Square! I know this doesn’t sound like a big deal. It’s just a children’s museum in downtown Lynchburg, but it’s an answer to prayer. One of my goals for homeschooling this year was to get Noah some art classes. He is talented and interested in art, but I am not. My heart’s desire for him is to learn from a real artist. However, I have been so overwhelmed by all the adjusting that I didn’t make it a priority to seek an opportunity for him. God didn’t forget my momma’s heart. He provided the answer in an unsuccessful visit to Amazement Square. Long story short, we purchased a membership and plan to attend Friday afternoon art lessons twice a month!


#8 – We also found the library! Yes, I’m so very thankful for the local library! It provides so many good books for our homeschool family. Better yet is the inter-library loaning program. I can put books on hold from my home computer from all the community libraries in the area. Then, I pick them up at the one closest to me! It’s like magic! It has saved me countless hours, money, and stress!

447A2012 copy

One of my favorites. (This is how Joshua behaves at the library too.)

#7 – Our family photo shoot happened for our prayer cards. Aaron’s sister did a great job at capturing the personality of each of us. Here is a favorite family shot.

447A2163 copy

#6 – Exploration! Since we were able to stay close to home this month, we have discovered a lot of things. Some I’ve already mentioned; others aren’t quite as exciting but are equally important. For example, I found a hair salon. Now, I can get regular hair cuts! Since we discovered some second-hand stores, we are able to get Noah a nice bike for a fraction of the cost of a new one. Now, everybody has a bike to ride! We also navigated our way to the mall, to a friends’ community pool, and to Aaron’s office. GPS is wonderful technology!

#5 – The school year began! We already have 3 weeks under our belts. Although the boys have misbehaved and complained every day, I am loving it. We are doing My Father’s World Exploring Countries and Cultures, which encompasses science, art, Bible, history, geography, music, and a lot more. To meet their individual needs in language arts, I’m doing MFW kindergarten with Levi, Bob Jones with Jacob, and Learning Language Arts Through Literature with Noah. Both Noah and Jacob are doing Singapore math and All About Spelling, and they each have a handwriting workbook. Of course, they’re reading, and I’m reading to them. And we can’t forget Swahili! That has been fun!


We have settled into a routine that seems to be working well for us. On most days, we finish before our 1pm lunch. If we don’t, it’s just a few fun things to do in the afternoon. Joshua has been much better this past week. As his communication and exploration skills improve, he becomes a happier little man.

#4 – Jacob turned 7!! It was a great day on August 6. From the time the boys woke up until they went to bed, we celebrated Super Tub-tub. The Kelley Boys needed to solve the case of the missing presents by following clues. I think I had more fun coming up with the days’ events than they did sleuthing! Jacob has been a wonderful blessing to our family. We are so thankful for him!

The birthday boy with Fred, his first fish.

The birthday boy with Fred, his first fish.

#3 – My mom came to visit for a weekend. Just my mom, Joshua, and I went shopping at yard sales while Aaron took Noah, Jacob, and Levi to Lowes for a building project. We spent the rest of the weekend just having fun!


#2 – My dad feels so much better! Praise God! After just 1 or 2 dialysis treatments, my dad feels much healthier. He will undergo surgery for a spot on his lung that could be cancerous. (The first tests were inconclusive, so they’re treating it like cancer even though they’re not sure.) It’s a blessing to hear and see him act like himself. Please continue to pray for him.

#1 – Home. Sweet. Home. We were able to breath, to rest, and to be a family. We settled into our new home and slept in our beds almost every night of August. What a blessing that has been!

cutest little bat baby

cutest little bat baby


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