Swallowing Dust and More from the Kelley Boys


No, this isn’t a birth announcement. We hope that post will be coming soon. This is a little update on the 3 boys God has already brought into the world.

First up, Noah:

Oh, this kid and his brain. I still haven’t figured him out. Despite my lack of understanding on the ways of his mind and heart, he is doing really well in school. Almost all of his classes are co-oped this year, and he likes it better than homeschooling. Today, his class visited the hospital’s endoscopy lab because they’ve been learning about the digestive tract. Apparently, the combination of the hospital setting and the talk of tumors was too much for him. He had to come home for a few minutes to cry and talk about Hannah. She would be 2 years and 9 months today.

On a funnier note, let me tell you the story of the birds and the bees…courtesy of Noah. As with each pregnancy, the boys have asked lots of questions about babies. I’ve read all three of them a very basic book about the topic, but I knew this time around Noah was ready for some more details. Last Monday, I found myself playing on the floor with only Noah. We were building Lego houses and such when he brought up the subject, with a little too much enthusiasm. I told him to go get the book (the second phase in the book series we own on the topic), and he returned with even more excitement. “This is gonna be a really good book,” was his reaction to the silver medal on the front cover. Before beginning, I asked him some questions. He knew more than I thought, but when I asked “How does the baby get in my tummy?” I was not ready for his response. He said, “I don’t know. Maybe mommies swallow too much dust?” Wow! That’s based on his Biblical knowledge of creation, but no where close to being right. This was going to be interesting!

And so, I began the book. About half way through, when we got to the part about mommies and daddies fitting together like puzzles, his face was priceless. All of the excitement was replaced by utter disgust, and he said, “That is totally gross!” I finished the book, and he was still shocked and disgusted. Even at dinner that night, he couldn’t get over his new, and now unwanted, knowledge on the baby subject. He told Aaron that the medal must be an award for the worst book ever! Well, at least now he knows, whether he likes it or not!

Next up, Jacob:

Our sweet little Jacob is turning into a monster. Not really. He’s still the most obedient and compliant one of the bunch, but he’s having a turn at the testing game. From poor table manners to rude comments addressed at adult strangers to fighting with his brothers, sometimes I wonder who this kid is! On the flip side, though, he is doing very well in school. All of this classes are co-oped, and most of them are taught by the same person. He enjoys school and finds it quite easy on most fronts. No funny stories from him lately. I’m too busy trying to keep his mouth in check!

He’s not very anxious for Joshua’s arrival. When I asked him how much longer it would be until Joshua is here, he estimated a month and a few days. Oh, I hope not! That would put me quite overdue! We are trying to prepare them for Joshua’s delivery, which could be any day, but we aren’t being so successful. I guess life as they know it is too good to look forward to this inevitable change.

Next is Levi:

Levi goes to preschool for 2 hours three days a week. He seems to really enjoy the social aspect, but he’s not learning much. At this age, Jacob was reading short words, and both Noah and Jacob could write their names and so much more. Levi can’t identify the letters of the alphabet. How can these three boys be so different??

He’s probably the most excited about Joshua’s arrival. He loves talking to his baby brother and is eager to teach him all kinds of things. I’m guessing he’ll be quite disappointed when Joshua does arrive and can’t even do a thing! After a few months, I’m sure all three boys will find ways to make Joshua laugh and then the teaching/learning can begin. Levi has recently realized that he does not remember Hannah. It’s sad. He wants to remember her so badly, but he knows he can’t. We just keep showing him pictures and videos so that he’ll at least have stories from those. His favorite is the one when he tried to change her poopy diaper. Who knows what shenanigans Levi and Joshua will get into?!?!

Last but not least, Joshua:

Like I said, Aaron and I are ready and waiting on God’s perfect timing on Joshua’s appearance. We are so happy that this pregnancy has lasted so long, but we are anxious for the day we get to meet Boy #4 face-to-face. We wonder what he’ll look like and what his personality will be like. Will he be a good, easy baby like Levi, a lazy baby like Jacob or a tyrant like Noah? Probably none of the above. We can’t wait to find out!

Praises and Prayer Requests:

1. Praise God that we are 36 weeks, 5 days today! I really didn’t know if we’d make it this long. Thank you so much for your ongoing prayers!! Please continue to pray for God’s perfect timing, for the boys to be ready, and for health for both me and Joshua.

2. Praise God for no more bed rest! I can cook and take care of the boys like usual! Of course, my back hurts from all this added activity, but I’m thankful that I can enjoy whatever time I have left of this pregnancy.

3. Praise God for He is Healer! Please pray for each of our hearts as we still miss Hannah and as we prepare to welcome another child into our family. I’m not sure what, if any, emotions Joshua’s presence will bring up concerning Hannah. Please pray for God’s closeness to be evident to all of us.

4. Praise God for electricity! The new turbine is complete, so our power is more consistent. The old turbine is under repair. We look forward to having both turbines work together. It should eliminate power outages and rationing.

I’m still plugging away at memorizing I Peter. I’m in chapter 4, but I still love this passage in the second chapter. Submit yourselves for the Lord’s sake to all authority instituted among men, whether to the king as supreme authority or to governors who are sent by him to punish those who do wrong and commend those who do right. For it is the Lord’s will that by doing good you should silence the ignorant talk of foolish men. Live as free men, but do not use your freedom for a cover up of evil; live as servants of God. Show proper respect to everyone: love the brotherhood of believers, fear God, honor the king. I Peter 2:13-17


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