Change of Plans


Thanks, everyone, for your kind words and thoughtful prayers on our behalves. I so appreciate how many of you use the praises and prayer requests at the bottom of our posts to earnestly petition God. In regard to that, I wanted to let everyone know that Aaron and I decided that he should stay home this week. Despite his obligation to the intern, we thought it best for him to stay closer to me during this phase of the pregnancy. I am 35 weeks. (Praise God!!) I’ve had a few contractions this weekend, and we both know that my labors happen too quickly for him to get home from the interviews in time to see Joshua’s birth if I would go into labor this week. We’ll keep you updated as things happen…or fail to happen! 🙂


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  1. Lord God, we come to you in Jesus glorious name … thanking you, by faith, for causing a smooth and timely delivery of this baby. Cup him in your loving hands and anoint him, even now, for service to Jesus. Bless Stephanie, and give her blessings throughout the delivery, and peace surrounding it. Cause Aaron to be a part of this wonderful miracle. You are awesome, and trustworthy. We look to hear a grand and timely report! Amen

  2. So thankful to hear that Aaron will be staying home. I was a little nervous that Joshua would surprise you while he was away. I am also so very happy to hear that you have made it to 35 weeks. Lord, I ask you to continue to watch over The Kelley Family and keep both Steph and Joshua safe for the remainder of her pregnancy. That you give her a healthy and smooth deivery and the ability for all the doctors and staff to safely deliver Joshua. So, thankful for Aaron being home for the birth and for you always watching over them. Can’t wait to see this beautiful child of Christ. Love and God Bless.

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