Rainy Season


November is ‘short rains’ season in Kenya. That means it rains nearly every day for hours a day. It also means my laundry doesn’t have a chance to dry outside and is subsequently hung throughout my house. It means the boys are cooped up inside all afternoon. They’re either asking for screen time or fighting. Either one is super annoying! It means we have to walk to classes in the rain and cancel gym class. I am thankful for the rain gear we brought! While all my Pennsylvania friends and family are enjoying fall, wearing sweaters and boots and visiting pumpkin patches, I’m enduring rainy season. Ugh!

I’ve been so cranky that I think I’m suffering from Seasonal Affective Disorder for the first time. Either that or I’m just missing fall. Regardless, I’m proving my disclaimer (the one denying maturity) that I made in my last post. I’m moody, easily frustrated and the boys are driving me crazy! Plus, we have a rat in the kitchen that will not die…

To keep myself from going crazy or becoming depressed, I’ve been scheduling some fun (and one not-so-fun) things. Yesterday, some of the ladies got together for a little cake decorating lesson. I learned to make roses, baskets and other designs. I’m anxious to see what Noah and I can create for his birthday in January! This is a picture of my masterpiece minus one slice…I got too excited about eating it and then remembered that I needed a picture.

Cake Decorating Class

I’ve started a new Bible study. It’s one of Beth Moore’s early studies called To Live is Christ, and it’s a study on Paul. I’m still plugging away at the other books, memorization, etc. I’m exploring pinterest and the internet in general to find some ideas on making homemade Christmas decorations and/or gifts. I’m rotating toys so that the boys will be more content to play inside without a screen. And I’m educating the boys on ‘things.’ That’s the not-so-fun thing…

As we were walking to a friend’s house last week, Jacob started asking how cows have babies (because we passed a momma and baby cow). I tried to answer vaguely but accurately, knowing that my walk was coming to an end, but his questions were unceasing and increasingly in-depth. I finally told him that we had a book that we could read together to answer his questions, which seemed to appease him. When we got home later, Levi was asking the names of body parts. Then, later that night, Noah asked a question about his body. (I’ll spare you his exact question in hopes of sparing his dignity.) The need for ‘the talk’ was pretty evident, so I got out the books that night. After they were in bed, I read through them, for I wanted to preview the content in an effort to prepare myself for their questions.

The next evening after dinner, I read the first book in the series. We’re using God’s Design for Sex series. The first book, The Story of Me, is written for kids ages 3 to 5. I figured I’d start there, reading the book to all 3 boys, and then assess the situation before diving into the second book. Levi had to pee half way through the book, so I’m guessing he wasn’t too interested in the story. Jacob didn’t say much about the content, but he did comment that the book was long. Noah’s reaction was the best. At the acknowledgment that babies come out…NOT through the belly button…he said, “That’s weird!” 

The Story of Me

After we dismissed them to get ready for bed, I could tell they were processing the information a little more. Noah and Jacob asked a few more questions. They wanted to know if I had to have my belly cut open for any of them to be born. (Maybe they were hoping I’d say yes!) They wanted to make sure they could pronounce all the names of the body parts correctly. (I guess they forgot all the new words they learned after Hannah was born!)

Overall, it was a smooth process. They haven’t asked anymore questions…Maybe they learned the lesson of keeping mouths quiet about such topics! Just kidding. I’m planning to read book 2, Before I Was Born, to Noah and Jacob in the very near future. I’m a little apprehensive about it, but I know they’re both ready for the real truth…Oh, please pray for me! (Praying that Aaron volunteers to read the second book would be REALLY nice!)

Before I Was Born

Praises and Prayer Requests:

1. Praise God! Amen! In Kenyan churches, the person speaking to the congregation says, “Praise God.” The congregation responds, “Amen.” Although it took several weeks to get used to this custom, it is now an endearing, normal part of Sunday service. I’m so thankful for our church here at Tenwek.

2. Praise God that my dad’s prognosis is good. He will start radiation in a couple of weeks. Thank you for your ongoing prayers. I will try to keep you updated.

3. Praise God for a relaxing weekend, good friends, and a neighbor with a dryer!

4. Please pray that the rat will be dead by morning.

5. Please pray that God will give us good ideas for making the holidays special for the boys as we come face-to-face with the reality that Hannah isn’t enjoying them with us.

6. Please pray for the boys’ hearts. We finally told them about my dad’s cancer. When I asked Noah to respond to the news, he said, “I think Pappy is gonna die.” It broke my heart. We talked at length about the prognosis and the possibilities and heaven. Pray that God will grant them peace about their Pappy, that they won’t worry, that they will talk to God (and us) about their feelings and fears.

“May the peace of God that transcends all understanding guard your hearts and mind in Christ Jesus.” Philippians 4:7


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