Birthday Season


Today marked the end of our summer (or winter if you’re in Africa) birthday season.

Happy Birthday sign

We Kelleys like to cluster our birthdays into two seasons. There’s one season in the winter and one in the summer. Noah, Hannah and I celebrated in January and February. Levi, Aaron and Jacob just celebrated in July and August.

This birthday season began July 19 with a midget (it’s what we lovingly call the 3 and under crowd here at Tenwek) birthday party in Levi’s honor. We ate pizza and a mountain safari cake and had a blast running around outside. Here are some pictures from the event.


Just a few days later, my parents arrived! It was like a two-week birthday celebration. They brought gifts for everyone, we went on a safari on Aaron’s birthday and we ate more cake and ice cream. Thanks to Kristen, a fellow missionary who happens to have a cake-making hobby, Aaron had a gourmet chocolate and peanut butter birthday cake.

Levi's trike

Aaron's birthday cake


Because a two-week long celebration wasn’t quite enough, we honored Jacob’s birthday two more times. The one was on his actual birthday. He chose cereal for breakfast and pizza moonpies for supper. He couldn’t choose lunch because we were hosting guests. We did, however, have a confetti angel food cake for dessert in his honor. He loved his new Stormtrooper helmet from Nana and his Legos from Aunt Amy and Uncle Chuck. Then, today we held a water party. The kids who are currently at Tenwek got wet from a water balloon battle, ate the sweetest cake ever and enjoyed lots of fun with bikes and scooters.

Jacob's presentswater battle #2Jacob's birthday cake

So, there you have it. Another birthday season under our belts. Our first full birthday season in Kenya, and I think it was a success!

Praise and Prayer Requests:

1.) Praise God for the way He is using Hannah’s story. MANY people have shared their stories with us. Thank you! It’s amazing how our little girl has impacted so many lives. Her death has opened countless doors to sharing the Gospel. Souls have been won for Christ. Praise God!!

2.) Praise God for our ‘odd’ boys. The boys are now 7, 5, and 3. It’s hard to believe how quickly they grow up!

3.) Praise God that people are able to travel into and out of Kenya. The recent fire at Nairobi Airport is making these travels quite a bit more challenging, but the airport is running again.

4.) Please pray for the Mitchell family. They are scheduled to arrive in Kenya on Wednesday and then travel to Tenwek on Saturday. They have 4 boys, ages 7, 5, 3, and 1. Please pray for travel mercies as the journey is long and exhausting, and even more so due to the recent fire.

5.) Please pray a blessing over Moses and Irene, who were wed today. Yes, Aaron and I attended our first Kenyan wedding today. It was beautiful. May their lives be blessed as they strive to be fully devoted to Christ and one another.

Our first Kenyan wedding


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  1. Always anxious to hear how your family is doing. Always uplifting and inspiring. So glad you are being able to move forward with such a positive attitude. I can imagine that you must have your unbelievable difficult times. My daughter Sonya’s family (Dr. Aaron Jones, Kapsowar) are flying out of Nirobi Sun 18th for their return trip home due to her pregnancy and health difficulties. It is bitter sweet for them and of course wonderful for me :). Please pray for travel mercies for them and quick health care for her as she is nearing the end of her 6th month. Sounds like you are taking good care of you family with lots of cake and goodies. So many people at our church have continued to follow your blogs and pray for your family. Awaiting the next post. Mary Alice Hasty

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