Saturday School


Apparently, I took way too much time off school for Christmas and packing…I finally looked ahead and figured that Noah and I wouldn’t been done with his first grade curriculum until the middle of July! In an effort to have a longer summer break, I am trying to double up on the easy science days during the week and do an abbreviated school day on the Saturdays Aaron is home. Today was one of those Saturdays.
We read the story of Isaac giving the blessing to Jacob instead of Esau. My Jacob loves this story so he and Levi listened as well. The activity the curriculum (My Father’s World) recommended was to make lentil soup, so that’s what we did today. I got up early to start the challah (Jewish bread that it sooo yummy but takes 3-4 hours to make) and get everything ready for our lentil soup and challah lunch.
The best part of making challah is that the boys love to help knead the dough!


Then, they each get their own loaf to braid and decide what toppings (sesame seeds, poppy seeds or sunflower seeds) to add. Each time we make it, it turns out great. Jacob’s is the one with the poppy seeds. Noah shaped his into a circle and topped it with sunflower seeds. It was half-eaten by the time I got a picture, so you can tell it was good!


If anyone could recommend a good lentil soup recipe, I’d appreciate it…Why didn’t the one given in the curriculum, or any I can find online, include meat?? Isn’t that what Esau was out hunting when Jacob stole his birthright?

Praises and Prayer Requests:

1.) Praise God that Jacob’s toe is healing nicely. He completed his round of antibiotics (the first time he ever needed any prescription!), but then he was hit in the eye with a stick thrown by one of his brothers and now has antibiotic eye drops. The scrape on his eye isn’t serious, but it sure scared me…and him……and his unnamed brother!

2.) Praise God for rain! The river was getting super low which resulted in increased power outages and decreased water pressure. It would take me hours to do one load of laundry because the water was so slow coming into the washing machine. The rainy season has began!

3.) Praise God for protecting my children this week. It has been a tough one. Levi wrecked his ‘car’ and has a huge bump on his forehead and scrapes everywhere. He fell out of a tree and hit his head. Each time he was fine after a little crying. Noah stepped on a thorn and hurt his heel scaling the hallway like spiderman. He’s been limping a little but overall is fine. Hannah is acting normal part of the time. She is fighting constipation the last couple of days (it’s a side effect of the medication that is preventing the puking), is still throwing up almost  daily and  is starting  a new medication today.  I already mentioned Jacob’s injuries. I praise God that I can call and/or visit Aaron anytime I need to…And it seems like I’ll be bugging him quite regularly!

4.) Pray for continued protection over us, from illness, injury and such.

5.) Pray for Hannah…and for me, that I wouldn’t be too worried, that I would have wisdom in how to handle her, that I would get adequate rest so that I can care for all 4 children. Praise God for househelp!! Otherwise, nothing would be done. Hannah wants to be held almost every minute she’s awake. She’s super picky about what to eat, and her preferences change daily. While I typically don’t baby her this much, I feel so bad for her. 😦

6.) Baby Ruth who I mentioned in my last post is now with her Father. She did not survive the multiple surgeries. Please pray for all those mourning her death.

7.) Pray for Aaron and his colleagues. It is a joy to serve, but some of the cases weigh heavy on their hearts. It’s hard to explain…

8.) Pray for the lost. May the love of Christ overwhelm their hearts that they would receive salvation.


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  1. Super mom! If I could do half the things you do with only 3 kiddos, that would be victorious! Funny–made mango muffins severals times this past week to cut down on cereal consumption too! Will try the avocado recipe sometime too. Much Love to Your Family. You are in Our prayers

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