Tour of the Apartment, Part 1


Having house help is amazing. I must write about it soon, but I thought a little photo tour of our apartment was overdue…This shows several rooms, and I’ll post the other rooms later. (Uploading pictures is quite time consuming.) It stays surprisingly clean and tidy (thanks partly to the house help and partly to the fact that the boys spend most of the day outside), and it is quickly becoming home. Enjoy!

This is the front of our apartment. We’re on the second floor. The complex has 5 apartments. The 3 on the first floor are smaller (2 bedrooms each, I think), and the 2 on the second floor are 3 bedroom units. The balcony is nice. Our view is gorgeous! We sit there to watch the afternoon rain sometimes. Then, the kids play in the puddle that collects in the one spot near the gate. The clothesline (that I share with the other residents of the building) is to the right of the back stairs. The sidewalk goes the entire way around the complex, so the boys use it as a race track.

View of Front of Apartment

This is the schoolroom. I am so thankful for it! Noah and Jacob have enjoyed getting back into the routine of school, and it’s wonderful to have this organized space for them to focus. (We were using the dining room table back in PA. This is so much nicer!!) There is a closet with several shelves to the right of the black desk, and we’ll be hanging a bulletin board beside the door so we’ll have a place to hang their artwork and school papers. Notice the M&M dispenser. If you’re following us on facebook, that is a huge temptation for Levi! 🙂


Hannah’s room is one of my favorites, and it’s not quite finished yet. We were promised a real crib, but the crib mattresses are all being used by other kids. For now, the pack-n-play works. A dear friend painted the “Hannah” sign, and I found these coordinating decals on clearance at Pottery Barn. Hannah loves her mosquito net…I think she feels more like a princess when she’s sleeping under it. There was a cute kitty rug in the schoolroom when we arrived, so I moved it into her room. It almost matches. The lamp was purchased on my mega-shopping trip at the Kenyan version of Bed, Bath & Beyond. I think her room turned out really pretty. Hannah even said so!

Hannah's bedroom

The rest of the rooms are as finished as they can get too, but I couldn’t find good pictures of them. I’ll upload them soon…I hope. Besides the ugly curtains and couches, I really like how the apartment is becoming our home.

Praises and Prayer Requests:

1.) Praise God that the kids are adjusting well. Yes, that means Noah is testing every new rule and boundary, Jacob is making lots of new friends, Levi is running away to the neighbor’s house or after a dog, and Hannah is screeching no matter her mood. Please pray that they will start sleeping longer at night and/or take better naps. Most of their bad behaviors and decisions and accidents are more a result of lack of sleep than disrespectfulness. All this playing outside is exhausting!

2.) Pray for the Kenyan elections. It’s a month-long process that has the potential of causing some riots and unrest. Pray for our safety and wise precautions. March 4 is the election date, but I think it’s usually a drawn out process. I don’t fully understand it yet.

3.) Praise God! We survived our first full week of Aaron working and me homeschooling with househelp. The househelper has been chosen, so please pray for good relationships to be built with her and myself and the kids.

Thank you so much for praying steadfastly for us!! We’re praying for you too!


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  1. So glad that you shared your home with us through pictures. I enjoyed the tour through face time, but it’s easier to see them in person. Well not really in person, but almost. Love you all lots and praying for safe elections as well as better sleeping for all. Also for Steph’s relationship to grow with Joyce, your house help. Love and prayers!!!! Lisa

  2. As you walk through this valley, you are not alone the Kelleys, God the Father felt what no human has ever gone through, when He watched His son go through the valley of the shadow of death, so that Hannah and millions of children and parents may have eternal comfort in Christ. Many around the world are praying for you. Much love and comfort from the family of Bishop Robert Langat, AGC-Kenya.

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