Less than 2 months!


We have our tickets! Our official departure date is January 29, 2013!!!! Yikes! That means we have less than 2 months until we move to Kenya….
The more I think about it, the less confident I am. No, I’m not doubting God’s calling on our lives. I’m 100% sure we are suppose to move to Kenya on January 29. However, I’m less and less sure what to do to prepare, how to feel and why God chose us.
Fortunately, there are a lot of people to help us with the first dilemma. Today we visited the travel medicine department at the hospital. As a result of the 3 hour appointment, we collectively received 21 shots. Aaron and I were the only two NOT to cry, but we all survived. Here’s a picture of our stuff guys showing off their bandages.
Stuff guys
As far as how I’m feeling about the whole process of preparing to move to a place I’ve never seen, to say it’s been a roller coaster of emotions is an understatement! Should I be excited? Nervous? Sad? Happy? Should I consider it a huge deal or an obvious next step? Should I mourn all the people and things I’m leaving behind or should I just celebrate all that God has and will bless me with? I guess there’s no right answer to how I should respond…So, I guess I’ll just feel all of the above. 🙂

And as I feel all these emotions, I can’t help but ask God why He chose us. I mean, doesn’t He know how unqualified we are. Yes, I know, God’s strength is made perfect in my weakness. God’s been speaking to me sweetly in so many ways to reassure me that I am the one He has chosen to mother these children and support my husband in Kenya for these 2 years. But, wow, I’m a bit overwhelmed by just the thought of it.

Prayer Points

Please continue to pray for us as we celebrate Christmas with friends and family and then quickly go into packing mode.

Please pray that we will be healthy the remaining time here in the States. (We’ve been battling one virus after another. Nothing serious, but it seems like someone has been sick with something for over a month!)

Pray for our family and friends that will miss us while we’re gone. (We’ll miss them too!!)


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