Jacob’s Spiritual Birthday


As many of you saw on our Facebook page, Jacob prayed to receive Jesus as his savior last night. I am still beaming with such pride and joy over this event that I must tell the story.

Thursday was a busy day; so busy, in fact, that no one took the time to lay Levi down for a nap. Aaron was working second shift, so I fed the kids spaghetti and quickly got them upstairs to bed. Levi couldn’t keep his eyes open as I brushed his teeth, so he passed out as soon as his head hit the pillow. Hannah was quite sleepy too. I laid her down and sighed in relief and contentment that my bedtime duties were already half over! And the older two do most of the bedtime work themselves! What a great evening!!

Noah and Jacob finished getting ready for bed and asked for a story. Unfortunately, all the books were in the dark room where Levi was sleeping or downstairs (and I was way too lazy to walk down the steps and not adventurous enough to allow either boy to do so). All the books were out of reach…except one! Big Thoughts for Little Thinkers: The Scriptures by Joey Allen just happened to be laying on the floor by my bedroom, so that was our bedtime story. (God orchestrated this whole evening so beautifully.)

About half way through the book as it was explaining the parts and authors of the Bible, Noah asked, “Momma, why isn’t the Bible continued? You know, why aren’t our stories written in other books of the Bible?” Great question, huh? Knowing my answer but not wanting to interrupt the flow of the book, I told him that I’d tell him about another book as soon as we finished reading this book. He was content with that response, but he eagerly wanted to hear about this other ‘special’ book to which I had eluded.

The book ended, and I started explaining the Lamb’s Book of Life. I told them that God writes our names in a book in heaven when we receive Jesus as our Savior and then He records all our stories. Noah was quite excited to hear that his name was already written in that book. Jacob said, “Mine too! Mine too!” But I corrected him. I explained that he never asked God to write his name in the book or asked Jesus to be his Savior. A little disappointed but eager to make things right, Jacob said, “Momma, can you ask God to write my name in the book?” I said, “No, Jacob. Only you can ask God to do it,” and I told them how God has a special relationship with each of His children and He only takes people to heaven if they want to go.

I’m not sure how eloquent I was, but my answers satisfied him. He kind of closed his eyes and then said that he talked to God in his head. However, I guess that wasn’t quite good enough in his mind. He asked Noah and I to leave him alone so that he could talk to God without us hearing him. We gave him some privacy and then he very proudly bounced into the room to announce, “I did it, Momma! I did it!” We ended the evening by talking about how all of heaven rejoices and throws a party every time someone becomes a Christian. Then, I announced that we would celebrate his spiritual birthday somewhat like we celebrate his regular birthday…He requested a cake and balloons.

Aaron was off today, so he took Jacob to the store. They came back with a cake, a helium tank, balloons, tons of snacks, and an Iron Man toy. (I guess I forgot to inform Aaron that gifts were NOT part of the spiritual birthday celebrations.) The boys played with the balloons all day and we ate his special birthday cake for dessert tonight.

Here is my new Brother in Christ, Jacob, with his cake. (Not sure what Sissy is thinking in the background.)


Rejoice with us and all of heaven!



There are 4 books in the Big Thoughts for Little Thinkers collection. I mentioned them on the recommended resources page, and I say that they’re on sale through the Answers in Genesis website.


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  1. Hooray! That is great. Carolina asked Jesus into her heart last month! She did the same thing, in that she didn’t want to pray outloud. That is great news, we are praying for you guys as you transition. Wow, can’t wait to see what God does.

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