Halloween in the Dark


There are two events that Noah and Jacob were anticipating this October: Kandy Kingdom and the Candy Carnival. Both events are sponsored by local churches, and we prefer to do that over going door-to-door. However, both events weren’t continued this year! Oh, the disappointment that overtook those sweet faces when they learned that they had no opportunities to dress up and get candy….Until I promised our very own Kandy Kingdom! (What was I thinking???)
Well, I was thinking that they would dress up in their costumes, and I would set up a game in each room of the house. They’d play games. I’d give them candy. It would be a great day of school, right? That’s what kids do on Halloween in public schools, isn’t it?
Regardless, this was my plan until Hurricane Sandy stole our electricity. We resorted to sitting by windows and doing school by the sunlight, playing ball with a balloon, and napping. It was fun, but how was I going to pull off Kandy Kingdom in the dark all by myself. (Aaron worked every day we were without power!) Not to mention that during my last-minute trip to the grocery store, I forgot about our private Kandy Kingdom and didn’t buy Halloween candy!
We Kelleys can not be discouraged that easily! 🙂 Noah and Jacob decided that no electricity was quite festive, and we called our event Spooky Kandy Kingdom. We devised three games, I raided the cabinets for candy, and we set up our Halloween festivities. I made them ‘nap’ again. (What else do you do when the afternoon is dark?) As soon as Levi woke up, they got their costumes on. Noah is a spooky knight. Jacob is Superman. And Levi is a thumb-sucking dragon. What a crew! 🙂


And just as we were about to play our first game, the electricity came on! We were a little disappointed that our Kandy Kingdom was no longer spooky, but we were happy for lights, heat and the movie that followed our event.

Our first game was the Lollipop Pick game. The one where you pick a lollipop and see if you win a prize by the color on the stick. Noah won a candy bar, and Levi won a Tootsie Pop. Jacob just got to keep his little lollipops. (Thank you to all the banks who hand out Dumdums…and to myself for being a mean mom who never allows her kids to eat the lollipops we get at the bank!)


The next game was made mostly by Noah. It was a fishing game. He drew and cut out 6 fish that were marked with the numbers 0, 1, 4, 6, 9, and 10. He decided that you needed to have two fish that added to 10 in order to win candy. (He’s so scholarly.) I made a fishing pole, and they LOVED fishing for matches…and getting candy of course!


The third and final game was a ball toss game. I have no pictures of this one. I set up 3 buckets and they got candy for getting pingpong balls into the buckets. Nothing fancy, but the boys had a great time playing the games and loading up on sugar. As they watched the movie, I ran around the house getting things back to normal. It was a Halloween to remember for sure!


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  1. Sounds like alot of fun!! You are such a great MOM!! Memories are so precious and you are very good at creating them.
    Luv ya bunches!!

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