The Purge, Part…I lost count!


So today was our last big selling opportunity, and it was a success. Praise God that the rain held off until we were home and unloaded!

My parents came to the rescue again. My mom stayed home with the kiddos, and my dad spent most of the day with me. We loaded up my dad’s pickup and my van to fill up 2 spaces at the flea market. When we packed up what we didn’t sell around 1pm, I was able to put all my van seats back up. I did fill the trunk space with things for Goodwill. (Better chance of getting it to Goodwill if it stays in the van, right?) The truck had more empty boxes than full ones, so I think today was worth of the stress, sweat and effort. Plus, I filled up the bed of Dad’s truck with stuff for him to take to the dump or deliver to family in Mifflintown!

You may be wondering what my house looks like after all this purging…Well, it doesn’t look too different. Most of our furniture will be sold to close friends and family members right before we leave. (They’re gracious enough to let us use it until we move.) The rest we’ll store until God tells us where our next home will be. The basement looks empty…Now, the staging begins!

Prayer Requests:

1.) Health! The stomach bug refuses to leave!! We’ll be missing church for a full month at this point. I guess that’s the downfall of having so many kids…it takes FOREVER for a virus to pass through the entire family.

2.) Our house. We need wisdom to know what to do with our house. Sell? Rent? Timing? How to stage it?

3.) Support. Please pray that God will raise up enough prayer and financial support for us.

4.) Comfort. May the God of all Comfort comfort us like only He can. The boys are getting nervous. I can tell by their clinginess, their unwillingness to be alone, their mood swings. And, of course, Aaron and I are feeling the pressure of the ticking clock. So much to do, so little time to do it. Are we really moving…to Kenya???

5.) Levi. It’s been 2 weeks since we moved him into the toddler bed, and his sleep hasn’t been the same. He’s out of the bed at least a dozen times every night. He wakes up super early every morning. It’s exhausting for him and me. Please pray that he’ll rest well in the big boy bed, and that Aaron and I will have wisdom to know how to help him feel comfortable in his new bed.

Thank you, prayer warriors!!


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