WMM Training Complete


After the CMDA conference was complete, we travelled from Bristol, TN to Boone, NC for the World Medical Mission portion of our training. As if our heads weren’t spinning enough from the first 2 1/2 days of information, we sat through 3 more days of lectures. Here are the highlights:

1.) The Samaritan’s Purse headquarters are beautiful, and I’m privileged to be representing them as part of the post-residency program. (But nothing I ever say in my blog represents Samaritan’s Purse, World Medical Missions, or the Post-Residency program…I need to figure out how to display this statement on my homepage.)

2.) Hannah gets fussier and fussier each day away from home…And so does her mommy.

3.) There will be no PDA with Aaron in Kenya, especially in church. (I had lunch with a woman from Kenya, and I got lots of info about the culture. It was fun to ask so many questions and get them answered right away.)

4.) I don’t have enough time or energy to get everything on my to-do list accomplished in the 5 1/2 months until our departure.

5.) We learned A LOT about electricity, benefits, conflict resolution, etc. specific to the Post-Residency program. Nothing profound, but it was helpful and necessary.

It’s good to be home. The boys missed Aaron and I but they had a great time with the family. Noah’s favorite part of the week was seeing Jonah at Sight & Sounds Theater in Lancaster, PA. Jacob loved being at Pappaw’s river. Levi can’t talk enough to tell me, but I’m guessing his birthday party was among his favorite events. We are blessed to have parents who can care for our children so well when we are away. Thanks to Nana, Pappy Phil, Grammy and Pappy Steve and everyone else who spent time with the boys and made their ‘vacation’ very special!!


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