Oh, What a Monday!


Here at the Kelley house, I dread Mondays. Everyone, especially me, is tired and cranky. It doesn’t matter if our weekend is super busy or super relaxing. Mondays are just hard.

Yesterday was a Monday. A particularly bad Monday. The boys were fighting, whining and complaining all day. I was having a pity party, holding back tears and reacting instead of responding to the boys all day. I tried my best to entertain them without the use of a screen. When reading about Kenya, they complained that it was boring. When playing outside, they were so loud that I thought the neighbors might call the police. At 4pm, I posted on facebook, “Is 4pm too early to put the boys to bed?” Oh, how I wish I had either put them to bed or sat them in front of the TV!

As a last resort, I took Hannah upstairs for a little nap and then took the boys to the basement for a change in scenery and a fresh supply of toys. That lasted about 15 minutes before Noah threw a large exercise ball at Jacob. The ball bounced off the back of Jacob’s head, and then his head bounced off the corner of the chest freezer handle. He immediately burst into a frantic cry. Because I had heard crying ALL DAY, I didn’t panic. I just walked over. I think I even rolled my eyes. But then I saw blood…

I scooped him up into my arms and ran up the stairs. Prying his hands away from his face, I saw a small but deep cut. Aaron was at work, so I called him to see what I should do. We decided that I would bring Jacob (and the other 3 kids) to the hospital where he was working. Unfortunately, that was in Bethlehem and it was rush hour. Not wanting to waste any time, I rushed to get everyone in the car. I pulled a muscle in my leg, forgot Hannah’s diaper bag, and couldn’t find Levi’s shoes. We did manage to get there safely.

The traffic was horrible, so I tried to take a detour. Jacob fell asleep somewhere along the way. Levi had no pants and Cookie Monster slippers for shoes. Hannah, who was sleeping peacefully prior to being thrown into a carseat, was screeching so badly that Levi was shushing her. And Noah didn’t know if he should worry about himself, Jacob, or my inability to find the hospital. After several missed turns, doubts that I should even go to the ED, and ‘recalculations’ from the GPS, we found Daddy’s hospital.

Thankfully it wasn’t busy and we were taken back right away, and shortly thereafter, Aaron found us. What relief! The boys think Daddy can fix anything (and that Mommy is completely incompetent, especially when it comes to booboos). Dr. Daddy held Jacob while “Daddy’s friend” tried to glue the cut. The stupid glue didn’t work, so they sent us home with Vaseline and a Band-aid. (A little frustrating since I had both of those items in my house! Grrr.)

We finally left the hospital at 7pm. We were all tired, cranky and now hungry. When I asked Jacob what he wanted to eat, he said, “A sandwich with lettuce and cheese.” After a few clarifying questions, I determined McDonald’s was an acceptable fast food restaurant and the grilled chicken sandwich with cheese (and bacon) would satisfy his tastebuds. Here he is with the gluey wound and his giant sandwich.

The story has a happy ending. Aaron was able to pull all the old glue off the wound this morning (at home) and re-glue it with a different (and much better) glue. Then, Aaron took Jacob to Target to buy him a present for being so brave. Ever since they got back, Jacob has been acting like nothing ever happened. I’m assuming that means he’s in no pain. Here he is with a closed wound, Turtle and his hospital anklet. What a cute little goof!


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