The Purge, Part 1


In preparation for our big move, one of our goals for the next 6 months is to purge a large part of our stuff. We’ll be storing the things worth keeping. We’ll be taking the things we can’t live without, but we’re moving into a furnished apartment. We’ll only need to take our personal belongings and a few things to make the apartment feel like home.

This Saturday was part 1 of the big purge. My parents came Friday night to load the truck and van full of the stuff we really, really don’t need. (It’s amazing how much junk you collect with 4 kids and a permanent residence for 5+ years.) Then, we woke up bright and early Saturday morning to take our stuff over to the Macungie Memorial Park for a flea market. My dad, Hannah and I spent the day selling, selling, and selling.

Our set up.

As you can see, the weather was perfect. There wasn’t a cloud in the sky. Unfortunately, though, that meant I got a sunburn. Oops. I haven’t conditioned myself to apply sunscreen in the morning or to keep an extra bottle of it in my bag. I did remember an umbrella to keep Hannah out of the sun. She was perfect the entire day. I’m so blessed to have such a sweet little girl. And she is so blessed to have a pappy to take care of her.

Hannah Napping in her Stroller

While we were selling and burning, my mom was home with the boys. They had so much fun. They pretended they were groundhogs in the the morning by building ‘underground tunnels’ with the couch pillows and cushions. She let them make their own sandwiches for lunch. Then, Aaron filled the sand table with blue sand, so they were all out in the yard playing. Have I mentioned that I’m in the process of potty training Levi? My mom must be a saint for agreeing to watch the boys! This isn’t a picture of their fun, but it does show his potty-training attire.

Levi’s potty training attire

He’s hilarious and doing well with using the potty, but that’s an entirely different story.



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