Prayer Cards are here!!


We hired a professional photographer to take family photos in March. Our intent was to use one of the pictures for our prayer cards. Andrea Warden did a beautiful job at capturing the 6 of us at our best. (At least that’s what it looked like…I’m still overweight, the boys were less than cooperative, and Hannah never opened an eye.) As soon as she sent us the CD of our photo shoot, we knew we had no excuses. We had to take the next step.

After looking at all the prayer cards we have for the missionaries we support and viewing the card ordering website, we discovered that we have very different tastes in support cards. Aaron’s favorite was my least favorite. The orientation of the photo we were using didn’t fit into the design that was my favorite. But quite frankly, I’m too tired to care all that much. Fortunately, there are professionals that are able to take the photo and all the information we gave them and turn into a beautifully designed postcard. So here it is!

I guess this means we are ready to start raising prayer and financial support. We’ll be busy this summer visiting some great churches to share what God has in store for us. We’ll also be sending letters to anyone and everyone we know. Please pray how God can use YOU to support the mission He has given us. Thank you for caring! 🙂



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  1. Excited to read about your preparations as we need to be doing this soon too! Glad to see you have a blog we can keep up with…especially once you get there! (we’ll be about 6 months behind you)

  2. It is a wonderful picture—you all look great! This is an exciting step for you—may God continue to bless each one.

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